Which Flea Medicine is Best? – In Depth Comparison Between Advantage, K9 Advantix, and Frontline Plus Pet Medications
Some of the most popular flea meds sound similar, but which one is really the best?  Rachel breaks it down for us for an unbiased comparison between the most used and prescribed pet meds on the market … read more

Does Your Pet Love You Back?
Pets Love OwnersWe know we love our pets, but do our pets love us?  If by love you mean a strong attachment or bond to you, the main provider for their needs, then there are definitely signs that your dogs and cats care for you.  Although we may never really know exactly how our dogs and cats feel, we can gain a lot of insight through understanding the natural history that … read more

Potty Training Your Dog
Bringing a new dog into the house is always an exciting experience but it’s also one that’s fraught with hurdles that will need to be overcome before you’re eventually left with a mature, well-adjusted dog who can give you many years of companionship and loyalty. One such problem is … read more

What is Separation Anxiety and How Can it Effect Dogs
As in humans as with dogs, separation anxiety is a symptom of the animal’s inability to believe it can survive alone.  Dogs are pack animals and while wild dogs can survive alone, a lone dog is extremely vulnerable so their instinct is to form packs. When the rest of their pack (whether it’s a pack consisting of just owner and dog, or a whole family) leave, the dog then … read more

Buy Only EPA Approved Pet Medicine Online
US Epa Approved Pet Meds LogoFinding information and products for our pets has become much easier online, as it is a global resource readily accessible to people all over the world.  However, we must take caution with the products we may find out there, and keep in mind that not all countries have regulations and standards that meet EPA guidelines here in the states.  These regulations ensure quality and safety for both our pets and children.  Failure to meet these guidelines may … read more

Picture of the Month
We just couldn’t resist when we saw this picture – four adorable puppies for your viewing pleasure:

Very Cute Puppies

Very Cute Puppies