Compare Prices for Advantage Flea ControlAdvantage Flea Control by Bayer is one of the top selling flea control medications out there for your dog or cat.

Just as effective as Frontline Plus, Advantage sets itself apart by using a different main ingredient to get rid of fleas.  Imidacloprid is the main active ingredient in Advantage, and it works very effectively to repel and kill both adult and young fleas.  The repelling effect is great because the fleas do not have to bite your pet for the product to take effect. Benefits of Advantage:

  • Kill and repels both adult and immature fleas
  • Uses Imidacloprid which provides repellant feature.
  • Protects your dog or cat for a full month
  • Highly effective against fleas

How to Apply: Use correct solution by looking at weight.

For cats there are two dosage sizes; for cats under 9 pounds and for cats over 9 pounds.  For cats apply Advantage to the base of the skull.  It is best to part the cats hair and applying the product close to the skin.  For dogs Advantage comes in four dosage sizes; Under 10 pounds, 11 to 20 pounds, 21 to 55 pounds, and 55 pounds and over.  For dogs under 20 pounds you can apply Advantage between the shoulder blades of the animal.  For dogs over 20 pounds you need to apply Advantage on various spots along the back.  As always, please speak to your veterinarian before applying this products for the most up to date and effective method of application.  NEVER USE PRODUCTS MEANT FOR DOGS ON CATS AND VICE VERSA! Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid 9.1% Link to Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

Advantage Single Dose Picture

Example of what a single dose of Advantage looks like